E2 Incorporations

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All E2 visa applicants have to incorporate their own company in the US even if they are buying an existing business. There is a difference between a business and a company.  A company is the legal entity that owns the business and governs its operations. For example, a company can own many businesses.    A company is also a separate legal entity from the owners.  Therefore, for E2 visa purposes all applicants are required to first incorporate and then buy or set up their business under their particular corporation.

We have the resources to organize the setting up of the corporate entity for you. However, we are not lawyers or CPAs and therefore we recommend you first take advice as to which type of corporate entity will be right for you. We can even refer you to a Tax Attorney or CPA should you require either. This having been said most small business owners typically incorporate as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). We can set up any type of incorporation you wish upon your instructions.

With your incorporation you will need a Certificate of Incorporation if the State issues the same; Articles of Incorporation, Share Certificates, a Register of Shares and for LLCs an Operating Agreement. We’ll ensure that you have all of the incorporation paperwork you will require for your E2 visa application.

There are many companies providing incorporating services to the public, but not many of them would necessarily be familiar with the exact documentation requirements for the E2 visa.  Certain required documents get overlooked and then the Immigration Attorney will have you order them, which of course causes delay you can ill afford. Therefore, it’s very important to get all of your incorporation documents first time every time, and this is what we’re experts in.

You want to consider getting your incorporation documents in place well before you actually find a business if you can. Whilst the incorporation process can be expedited you should always allow extra time in case there are any unforeseen administrative delays. A good rule of thumb would be to allow 30-45 days. Imagine if you’ve found that perfect business and now you’re on a very tight time crunch, the last thing you want is to be thwarted by government red tape as your incorporation documents are being processed.

Our fees for an LLC incorporation is $495, plus the state filing fees, which can range from $70 and up, but we’re not talking hundreds of dollars here. We can provide quotes for other types of incorporation too. If you’d like to take advantage of this service please give us a call or complete the form on our website page and we’ll be happy to contact you and take your instructions.